On Monday, May 17, 2010, Chevalier, Allen & Lichman (“CA&L”) spoke to the City Council of the City of Park Ridge, Illinois, at its invitation, concerning Park Ridge’s dramatic and growing noise problem.

Park Ridge is located approximately two miles from the end of a new runway at O’Hare International Airport.  As a consequence of the runway’s recent opening, Park Ridge now experiences 400-500 operations per day at altitudes less than 1,000 feet with Single Event Noise Levels often in excess of 75 dB (a level considered dangerous by the FAA).  The noise affects elementary and high schools, as well as a substantial number of residences.

Recognizing both the severity of the problem and CA&L’s long experience in solving similar problems, the City Council sought CA&L’s views on the way in which legal action may be utilized to both compliment and supplement cooperative dialogue with the airport in finding innovative solutions to the daunting issues faced by Park Ridge.

To view CA&L’s presentation, click here.